Abedini: Another birthday in prison

Published On May 29, 2014
By The Pathway

May 7 marked Saeed Abedini’s second consecutive birthday in an Iranian prison. The American pastor has been imprisoned since 2012 for allegedly working for an underground Christian church movement while assisting with an orphanage project. Abedini has been hospitalized for abuse from prison guards for several weeks after originally being denied treatment.

“I have heard from thousands of people over the past couple of days wanting to wish Saeed a happy birthday,” said Abedini’s wife, Naghmeh, who remains in Boise, Idaho with their two children. If she were to visit him in Iran, Naghmeh could be imprisoned as well. “I am grateful for the continued support and prayers from so many people. As Saeed remains in the hospital, we continue to pray for his well-being.”


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