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An open letter from IMB President Platt on personnel reductions

Dear SBC Family, By now many of you may have heard that last week, IMB announced a plan to reduce the total number of our personnel (both here and overseas) by 600-800 people over the next six months. Since the moment this announcement was made, we have sought to communicate the details of this decision as clearly as possible to churches, state conventions, and national … Continue reading.


Female Striped Horse Fly (Tabanus lineola). Photo available under CCL via Thomas Shahanavatar

Mount up with wings as horseflies?

Unbelievable. First of all, it was the biggest horsefly-looking thing I’d ever seen. Was it a bird? A pterodactyl maybe? More horse than fly, really. I think I could’ve saddled it. We’re talking about a horrifyingly large horsefly here. I read … Continue reading.




JEFFERSON CITY – Joined by Iron Man, the Donner family display the medals they earned at a 5k Walk/Run here this spring that benefited the local pregnancy care center. Sharonda Donner, on the far right  and holding a trophy, placed first among women in the run. Her family members, from left to right, include her husband Terry; and her children Aiden, 5; Terrence, 14; Chrissy, 17; and Austin, 1 1/2. Photo courtesy of Sharonda Donner.avatar

Donner runs for girls harmed by abortion

HOLTS SUMMIT – Sharonda Donner never thought much about the harmful effects of abortion until it touched her own family. A few years ago, Donner learned that one of her family members, after having some abortions, suffered emotionally and even became suicidal. “We need to pray to end abortion,” Donner, now a member at Cedar […]