OMAHA, Neb. – John Stroup and others involved with Freeway ministries took to the streets here to
share the gospel as part of a new ministry launch in Omaha. Freeway Ministries works among ex-cons
and others who are often forgotten by church and society. Photo courtesy of John Stroup.avatar

Freeway Ministries launch draws more than 100

OMAHA, Neb. — Freeway Ministries launched its newest program in Omaha on Saturday, August 1 the old fashioned way – by going door to door, sharing the gospel. A team of 20-plus people, all of whom came from the Springfield-based ministry, canvassed the downtown area earlier that morning to converse with the addicted, the poor, the tempted and the broken. One hundred and … Continue reading.


Female Striped Horse Fly (Tabanus lineola). Photo available under CCL via Thomas Shahanavatar

Mount up with wings as horseflies?

Unbelievable. First of all, it was the biggest horsefly-looking thing I’d ever seen. Was it a bird? A pterodactyl maybe? More horse than fly, really. I think I could’ve saddled it. We’re talking about a horrifyingly large horsefly here. I read … Continue reading.




JEFFERSON CITY – Joined by Iron Man, the Donner family display the medals they earned at a 5k Walk/Run here this spring that benefited the local pregnancy care center. Sharonda Donner, on the far right  and holding a trophy, placed first among women in the run. Her family members, from left to right, include her husband Terry; and her children Aiden, 5; Terrence, 14; Chrissy, 17; and Austin, 1 1/2. Photo courtesy of Sharonda Donner.avatar

Donner runs for girls harmed by abortion

HOLTS SUMMIT – Sharonda Donner never thought much about the harmful effects of abortion until it touched her own family. A few years ago, Donner learned that one of her family members, after having some abortions, suffered emotionally and even became suicidal. “We need to pray to end abortion,” Donner, now a member at Cedar […]