McCrary challenges SBU community to live a missional lifestyle

By Charlotte Masch, SBU Director of Marketing and Communications

BOLIVAR, Mo. — Larry McCrary issued a challenge during Southwest Baptist University chapel service March 5 to students, faculty and staff to live a missional lifestyle, making disciples wherever they “live, work and play” anywhere in the world.

“Being salt and light every day is a great way to be a witness to everyone we meet,” he said. “The command is not go, but the assumption is ‘as you go.’”

McCrary said a paradigm shift in thinking is necessary for Christians to realize that every Christ-follower is a missionary — not just those who make a career of being a missionary.

“In our minds we have this missionary thing as being out there somewhere,” he said. Referring to Acts 1:8, “you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

“I believe that is not just for apostles but for all time, for all followers of Christ,” he said. “As Christ-followers, we are witnesses of what Jesus has done in our hearts. But we often identify ourselves by what we do. The focus is on the identity and not the activity.”

During an informal session with students afterwards, McCrary spoke about how Paul connected with people in the marketplace. “He practiced his trade as he shared the gospel,” he said.

Likewise, he has friends who work in business overseas and, by being in the marketplace, are able to relate well to people who need to know the love of Christ.

McCrary founded, a place where Christ-followers who are sharing the gospel while working in the marketplace can connect for training and other resources.

“Some of the best ‘missionaries’ aren’t even missionaries, but they are in the marketplace,” McCrary said. “I believe it is the present and future of missions to be able to share your faith but be there for a reason that will keep them there.” He said it also makes them more credible.

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