Black, white, Asian and Iranian pastors and leaders addressed racial disunity March 27 during the 2015 Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Leadership Summit in Nashville. Trillia Newbell, the ERLC's director for community outreach, spoke on "United: Captured by God's Vision for Diversity."
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Race summit urges view of God’s image

NASHVILLE (BP) -- Racial reconciliation in the church calls for a strong view of the image of God in all people, a deep commitment to understanding others and an intentionality in achieving diversity, speakers said on the second day of a Southern Baptist-sponsored leadership summit. Christians must see the image of God in all people without minimizing their differences, … Continue reading.



Immensely Blessed

This week I came across a striking observation. As citizens of the United States, we are recipients of the amazing blessing of the Lord. Prior generational leaders, while not always copacetic with church leaders, were for the most part people of … Continue reading.

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