About Us

Our Purpose
The Pathway is published bi-weekly by the Missouri Baptist Convention and endeavors to cover not only the events that affect Baptists in Missouri but also the Southern Baptist Convention as a whole and evangelical Christians everywhere. The Online Pathway, exists to quickly provide information and breaking news to MBC churches. Journal content will include reports on the activities of Missouri Baptist churches, actions of the MBC Executive Board and its committees, activities and programs of the MBC Executive Board staff, and activities and board actions of MBC affiliated agencies and institutions. The journal will facilitate Kingdom growth and promote unity in the MBC.

Our Staff

Editorial focus:

  1. The journal shall be the official news media of the Missouri Baptist Convention.
  2. The journal will demonstrate a theologically conservative perspective.
  3. The journal will accurately report news and activities of the Missouri Baptist Convention.
  4. Newsjournal content shall relate to Missouri Baptist Convention/Southern Baptist Convention churches and agencies.
  5. The journal shall be accountable to the newsjournal committee of the Missouri Baptist Convention Executive Board.

(Note: The preceding  editorial guidelines  for The Pathway were unanimously approved by the Missouri Baptist Convention Executive Board’s Newsjournal Work Group April 19, 2002)

Statement of Faith

What we believe:

Messengers to the 2000 Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting overwhelmingly approved the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message.  Messengers to the Missouri Baptist Convention’s 2003 annual meeting overwhelmingly voted to require all Missouri Baptist Convention staff to affirm the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message.  We believe the 2000 BF&M is a wonderful gift from the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention.  More than any other confession, it expresses the beliefs of The Pathway staff.

Online Comments Policy :

On stories that allow comments, your feedback must be kept civil and Christ-like. No personal attacks will be permitted. Comments must be approved by a Pathway staffer and may be denied for any reason. Normally, the “approval process” will be fairly quick, but it’s possible it will take as long as several hours.