Lynn Messer, pictured here, has been missing since  4 a.m. on July 8.

Churches asked to help in Messer search

ST. GENEVIEVE – Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC) affiliated churches are being asked to display and distribute posters of Lynn Messer, the wife of MBC legislative liaison Kerry Messer, who has been missing since July 8.

The posters of the missing 52-year-old wife and mother of two may be downloaded at a special Facebook page ( that the family uses to provide updated information on the continuing search.

Meanwhile, the search which began on the family’s 270-acre farm on Highway DD, about seven miles west of I-55 in north St. Genevieve County, has widened to other nearby properties, but has produced no clues as to Messer’s whereabouts. Volunteers have been distributing posters at voting locations throughout the state and authorities continue to operate a dedicated phone line for people to offer tips (573-883-5820, Ext. 27463).

Kerry Messer, president of the Missouri Family Network, told authorities he awoke around 4 a.m. on July 8, and found Lynn missing, her purse and cell phone still in the house. A walking boot which she had been wearing since breaking a toe on her right foot also remained. He said after a search of the house and the family property did not turn up Lynn’s whereabouts, his son Aaron called authorities for him, to report her missing at about 8 a.m.

Deputies from the St. Genevieve Sheriff’s Department were dispatched and were joined by a host of personnel from other rescue and law enforcement agencies. Extensive searches by air and foot by authorities, some with bloodhounds and eventually cadaver dogs, have produced no clues.

A special press conference was arranged July 17 at the St. Genevieve Sheriff’s Department in which authorities and the Messer family made pleas to the public for help. News media from Cape Girardeau and St. Louis as well as The Pathway attended and subsequently disseminated information about Lynn Messer and how to contact authorities if they had any information.

“Lynn, if you can see this,” a tearful Kerry Messer said looking into a group of television cameras, “we love you. I love you with all my heart. We are searching, and we are not going to quit.” With the Messer family standing behind him, he asked the public to assist in the search for his high school sweetheart and wife of 34 years. The Messers have two adult sons and seven grandchildren.

Lynn Messer had spent the evening of July 7 making crafts for Vacation Bible School, which had begun that day at First Baptist Church, Festus-Crystal City, where the Messers have been longtime members. Members of the church told The Pathway that Lynn was at church services July 6 (Sunday) and at VBS on July 7. Some of those who had contact with her said everything seemed normal.

“The only thing different in our lives was some pain medication prescribed for some newly developing hip problems and her broken toe. We are utterly perplexed as to what has happened even if the medications caused some kind of mental reaction. After more than 30 days we still have no clue. The anguish of not knowing, either what has happened or what condition Lynn may be in, is inexpressible. All we know is that the Lord has not lost control and that He is doing something bigger than we can wrap our heads around. I know that Lynn is secure in her salvation and mature in her faith, but this is far beyond any challenge I have ever experienced and ask for your prayers for all of us, especially Lynn! Please pray that the Lord is glorified through this dark season!”

Kerry Messer is a respected lobbyist, known for his strong advocacy of pro-life, pro-family legislation. U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., dispatched a staffer to provide assistance to Messer, and Missouri Speaker of the House Tim Jones issued a plea for people to help in the search.

“For 30 years Kerry Messer has been a fixture here at the State Capitol,” Jones wrote in a widely distributed July 29 press release. “Kerry and his family have dedicated themselves to making Missouri a better state for everyone. His reputation among the capitol culture is one of unquestioned integrity and perseverance as a voice for Missouri families, and he is known for his involvement on a wide range of policy issues.

“As a full-time volunteer lobbyist who relies solely upon the generosity of others through contributions, Kerry and his son, Abram, are respected by all. No matter how much a lawmaker agrees or disagrees with Kerry at times, his motives and passion are never in question. Kerry loves the people of Missouri, and he demonstrates that love through the way he works with us at the Capitol.

“Kerry’s wife, Lynn, has been his biggest supporter through these last 30 years,” the speaker continued. “His devotion to the work and ministry of his organization, Missouri Family Network, has only been possible through the sacrifices and support of Lynn. As a result, we at the Capitol have a deep appreciation for Lynn Messer. So it is with a heavy heart that I am asking you to please pray for Kerry and his family.”