The gospel on the fast track

WHEATLAND – Baptists in the west-central region of Missouri want to steer people to the love of Christ. For this reason, they’ve joined hands in ministry, sharing the gospel and distributing Bibles and other “Find It Here” items at the Lucas Oil Speedway here, April 26.

The Fellowship Baptist Association, Miller Baptist Association, Mid-Lakes Baptist Association and area churches cooperated with one another and with the Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC) to fund this ministry event. According to David Mifflin, director of missions for the Fellowship Baptist Association, 50 people volunteered to minister at the speedway, including members of First Baptist, Hermitage; First Baptist, Warsaw; and Cross Timbers Baptist, Cross Timbers. Volunteers also came from the Miller Baptist Association.

These volunteers distributed nearly 300 “Find It Here” Bibles to people who had gathered for races at the speedway, as well as 350 shop towels, 250 stress tires and 200 ear plugs. According to Mifflin, these “Find It Here” items have been helpful because they point people to, which has resources for explaining the gospel, answering spiritual questions and helping people connect with a local church.

Additionally, some members from the ministry team prayer walked at the site during the morning. Others shared their testimonies, with the result that one person professed faith in Christ.

Mifflin said that this ministry event allows Baptists in the region to “plant some seeds for the gospel” and speak “to folks who maybe never heard before.”

“And then if we get a chance to be involved in the harvest, that is just icing on the cake,” he added. In any case, the event “gives a great opportunity for some of our folks to get out and do some ministry and just make our presence known.”

Mifflin also noted that representatives from Lucas Oil Speedway have been supportive of their work.

“The Lucas folks were fantastic people to work with,” he said. “We’ve had a good response from them.”