Lawsuit against Nixon Explained

In the state of Missouri, the voters defined marriage as one man and one woman and legally placed it in the Missouri Constitution.  In 2004 a million voters went to the polls and approved a Missouri Constitutional Amendment, by a whopping 71% to 29%, placing in the Constitution the definition of marriage as being one man to one woman.

But in 2014, the Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri defied both these realities by his executive order.  He announced that couples of the same-sex who were “married” in other states would benefit as legitimately married couples in regard to Missouri’s income tax laws.

Attorney Michael Whitehead (www.thewhiteheadfrim.com) discusses this very unfortunate scenario and explains the lawsuit filed against the Governor’s executive order in this matter:  “If the Missouri Constitution means anything, and if English language means anything, the Governor cannot disregard basic law and defy the state’s constitution.”