Praise for If I Tell You I’m Gay, Will You Still Love Me?

“I would strongly encourage every pastor – indeed every staff member, teacher, ministry leader, youth worker and certainly every parent – to keep this book on their desk. It is very readable, drawing you in from the first page. It maintains a level of interest throughout and contains a wealth of extremely valuable information and insight for dealing not only with this very complex subject, but with those who are impacted by it. Get this book. Get several copies of this book so you will have it available when someone you know needs it – and sooner or later that will happen.”

– Bob Stith, Former National Strategist for Gender Issues, The Southern Baptist Convention

“It was my great joy to read Ann’s book. I think the Lord will use If I Tell You I’m Gay, Will You Still Love Me? to encourage loved ones and give a measure of hope. It is instructive, insightful, and practical. I must not leave out compassionate. It is that as well.”

– Monte Shinkle, Senior Pastor, Concord Baptist Church, Jefferson City, and member of the Executive Board for the Missouri Baptist Convention

“Ann Mobley’s book provides a comforting shoulder … to weep on and some godly wisdom to rely on. I especially appreciate her tone, and her vulnerability, in putting this hugely needed work together. It couldn’t be timelier.”

– Joe Dallas, author of When Homosexuality Hits Home and The Game Plan.