Missouri Baptist Convention defines church planting code of conduct

JEFFERSON CITY – Church planters who desire to cooperate with the Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC) must maintain a high standard of conduct, MBC Executive Board members insisted during a recent meeting.

According to a recommendation approved by the board Dec. 10, church planters “must go through a separate, thorough MBC assessment process including credit and criminal background checks; must affirm the Baptist Faith & Message 2000; and must sign an MBC code of conduct that commits, among other things, to abstinence from the recreational consumption of any controlled substance including beverage alcohol.”

Church planters with the MBC and NAMB must sign a personal code of conduct established by NAMB. They agree to the following:

  • I will conduct myself in a way that reflects positively on Christ and NAMB.
  • I will be a tithing member of record and in good standing in a Southern Baptist Church.
  • I will abstain from the recreational consumption or use of any controlled substance such as alcoholic beverage or illegal drugs.
  • I will not view pornography.
  • I will maintain financial integrity.
  • I will show no affection that could be questioned.
  • I will be careful in answering cards, letters and email notes from the opposite sex.
  • When counseling a member of the opposite sex, I will be sure another person is present.
  • Other than my spouse or another family member, I will not be at a residence alone with the opposite sex.
  • If married, I will not have a meal alone with the opposite sex, other than my spouse or a family member.
  • If married, I will not be in an automobile alone with the opposite sex, other than my spouse or family.
  • I will pray for the integrity of other missionaries and staff members.